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X Factor


X Factor lets you track your daily calorie balance and can calculate the number of days until you reach your target weight.


If you want to improve, measure.

If You Want to Improve, Measure.


X Factor is designed to quickly and easily track your daily calorie balance. No micro-nutrients. No detailed workout info. Just calories in and calories out, because when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, that's what matters.

With X Factor, it takes only a few seconds to record your daily weight, calories eaten, and activity calories. And with an Apple Watch and Health Integration enabled, activity calories are updated automatically. The Accuracy feature compares changes to your weight against your recorded calories, making it easy to verify that your data is correct. And the powerful Target Weight feature helps you find the calorie balance that achieves your desired result.

Whatever your weight management goals, your daily calorie balance is the key to achieving them. Without it, you're stuck in a constant state of guessing that undermines your results. Take control of your weight with the power of clear, concise measurement. Download X Factor today.




• Lifetime tracking of weight, calories eaten and activity calories

• Predicts when target weight will be reached

• Integrates with Apple Health

• Calculates BMI and BMR values

• Supports kilograms/pounds/stones weight units

• 3D Touch shortcuts for logging data 

Evolution of X Factor


When X Factor was created in 2008, it was designed around the belief that exercise was the silver bullet,
the "x factor" that would lead to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. After losing 40 pounds, and maintaining a healthy weight for over 5 years, it seemed to be working. But then I gave my phone to my daughter and stopped using X Factor. That's when the weight gain started again.

I gradually gained over 10 pounds, following the same pattern that had previously resulted in a 40 pound weight gain. During that time I continued to exercise regularly and weigh myself every day. The only significant difference between maintaining a healthy weight and gaining weight was X Factor.

So after a few years of neglect, X Factor is back. With a new focus on daily calorie balance, a unique Target Weight view, and much more to come. And I'm back to a healthy weight, with a new belief: If you want to improve, measure.